A Fortune 50 telecommunications company leverages Apex's project management expertise to improve network performance at over 1,500 sites.


Our client had an influx of small cell and macro projects that were designed to enhance their overall network and reliability. They were seeking a strategic business partner who could provide project management services to help track and manage turnkey wireless projects and vendors, with the ability to scale based on project volume. Additionally, they were looking for solutions to reduce their overall network deployment costs. We were selected because of our industry-aligned engagement team and ability to provide a scalable fixed price per milestone delivery model. ​


Apex developed a cost-effective fixed milestone model with the ability to scale team size as needed depending on work volume. We provided a team of Real Estate Project Managers who worked cross-functionally with other departments to complete required permitting and approvals related to small cell and macro network deployments. ​

Improved network performance and reliability resulting in thousands in cost savings

Our engagement team provided thorough workforce management throughout the effort, delivering detailed project management tracking of each milestone completed for over 1,500 sites. Additionally, our Engagement Manager and Engagement Delivery Coordinator reviewed progress with key stakeholders monthly, validating completion and evaluating consultant performance with the client throughout the process. 


Since our support of this project began, the team has supported more than 1,500 small cell and macro project sites that have improved network performance and reliability. Last year, the small cell team met 100% of their goals and the macro team met 128% of their goals. Our team also identified inefficiencies in the way the client was validating the completion of milestones and compiled enhanced solutions for tracking and managing financials on the project, resulting in thousands of dollars in cost savings for the client. Additionally, we have provided ongoing performance managing that allows us to strategically scale up or down in response to project growth. ​