A Fortune 500 utility company establishes a project roadmap to drive modernization and digital transformation.  


Our client, a Fortune 500 Gas and Utility provider, required assistance with the design and development of a revised Enterprise Architecture Strategy and a Technology Road Map, to serve as the foundation for a company-wide Digital Transformation. The client required a third party to lead the effort and provide an unbiased approach. The objectives included: 

  • Working directly with Senior Management, particularly the CIO, CTO, and Chief Enterprise Architect  
  • Establishing Future State, Architecture Frameworks, Workshop Frameworks and facilitating all activities  
  • Leading the development of an Enterprise Business Architecture, based upon the TOGAF Framework which included Business Architecture, Data Architecture, Application Architecture, and Technology Architecture  
  • Establishing an Architecture which is fully integrated as a ‘living, breathing document’ with a five-year time horizon that will be amended and reviewed quarterly and annually  
  • Building an Enterprise IT Technology Road Map of prioritized IT initiatives, with a focus on Digital Transformation including cloud initiatives 


We worked with the client to agree on the desired architecture model and also utilized our IT Strategy Framework as the overall approach for organizing and conducting the analysis. Our team also collaborated with client’s existing Enterprise Architecture resources to gain a baseline understanding of their existing architecture, strategy, and 25 technology segments. The approach was framework and workshop driven, with combined and individual segment workshops. The workshop methods were intended to ensure segment ownership and buy-in, resulting in a sustainable and integrated architecture process. Through a collaborative approach, our project team led a series of workshops resulting in the following key deliverables:  

  • Future State Establishment – the ‘to be’ desired state  
  • 28 Segment Architectures  
  • Enterprise-wide Architecture  
  • Enterprise-wide Technology Road Map  
  • Architecture governance for ongoing review and updates  

Created technology roadmap 


Our team worked closely with both senior leadership and the segment domain leaders to establish an ongoing Architecture which serves as the basis for IT decision making, funding, and the focus of key programs including technology selections and changes.