A food safety organization leverages Apex to bolster its IT program with remote and onsite support across multiple cities, reducing costs, and establishing a long-lasting strategic partnership.



Our client wanted to identify a strategic partner to support their business and placed a priority on cost savings. The new partner would need to provide a managed service for a business unit that provides walk-up and remote support for software and device break fixes to the client’s employees but would also include opportunities to support additional business units, as necessary. Furthermore, they needed a partner who was able to ramp up or down their support as demand fluctuated. Apex proposed a desirable rate and a strategy to establish effective communication channels.

30 Consultants at Peak Headcount with Average Tenure of 14 Months


Apex provided the client with scalable talent management services for a division of the client’s IT program. We were able to provide both remote support and onsite support across three Midwestern cities, with over 30 contract consultants engaged at peak demand. In addition to that support, we were able to provide a variety of services across the global infrastructure lines of business. These services included executive support, server storage and backup, incident response, mobile services, and IT communications. Apex provided an engagement manager to oversee the consultants and engage with client shareholders.


Apex has already been able to reduce the cost for these services and establish a strategic partnership with the client. Due to effective retention programs, we were able to maintain consultants on average of 14 months with the longest tenure being nearly four years.