A large healthcare provider upgrades their systems to Windows 10 with our infrastructure capabilities, resulting in significant cost savings. 


A large regional healthcare provider required services to complete the migration of Windows End User Devices (EUDs) to the Win10 operating system by a fixed deadline. The goal of the initiative was to introduce several new enterprise features that amplify productivity, provide protection against modern security threats and a greater user experience while promoting standardization and taking a preemptive approach against increasing licensing fees to support legacy systems. The effort was across 30 hospitals and 270 ambulatory locations and approximately 24,000 EUDs. ​

The program required a fixed fee with a limited travel and expense budget and a large geographical footprint, and the client needed a partner with the ability to deliver in a cost-effective manner while providing resources with the correct soft skills to operate amongst clinicians without disrupting patient care.​

24,000 migrations completed within eight months​


We partnered with the client to understand the scope & impact of the migration activities and determined the right combination of resources to create independent teams for each region. Due to the large user base impacted we developed a multi- faceted communication strategy that targeted the C-Suites down to the individual users. We deployed five teams totaling approximately 40 primarily local technicians near to minimize travel and expenses. We also provided a centralized Program Manager to coordinate with corporate and site leadership. A large volume of custom applications added a higher complexity which necessitated the creation of a training program with documentation used by the project team. In addition to performing the migrations and post-migration end user support, we provided: ​

  • Weekly Progress report – identifying potential risks/issues with a mitigation plan​
  • Planning & coordination of all travel & migration activities required for field teams to complete the contract​
  • Financial analysis and reporting to ensure the program stayed within budget​
  • Communication Strategy & Customized Training Program​


Our delivery approach & execution, based on fixed monthly milestones, resulted in the completion of the project ahead of schedule and offered significant cost savings to the client. We were able to deliver approximately 24,000 migrations within eight months. Executives viewed the program as a major success with minimal disruption and a satisfied userbase.