A leading non-profit healthcare system configures and delivers an enterprise-wide Epic device rollout. 


Our client wanted to migrate a very large number of devices which created a large surge in workload. These requirements needed additional capacity to complete in time to support the timelines for the implementation of enterprise Epic electronic health records. Apex was chosen to help with this full-scale device deployment due to our demonstrated proficiency in providing qualified Epic consultants, our national and surge recruiting capabilities, and our proven processes for managing field teams.

120K devices configured in support of three regional Epic activation waves


Apex created a flexible team structure that allowed for up to 30 technicians and project coordinators, organized into geographical teams, with a total of 50 consultants engaged over the lifetime of the project. Apex worked with the client PMO to prioritize devices to be configured and to scale the teams to have availability in the desired markets. Apex also created a ‘SWAT’ team of technicians to move between sites to make sure all configurations were done in the allotted time frame. The teams embedded into the local IT support teams at each of the 15 locations to ensure thorough device tracking. Our technicians assumed primary responsibility for inventorying, deploying, and testing 120,000 pieces of equipment across 15 medical facilities, supporting 45,000 end users. The devices migrated included computers, printers, scanners, bar card readers, smartphones, biomedical equipment upgrades, and display monitors, among others. All this equipment needed to be deployed, configured, and tested to accommodate the health system’s implementation of the new enterprise Epic electronic health record. The devices used all clinical and revenue cycle Epic modules across both acute and ambulatory care. Our team also built up during the weeks prior to and after the three Epic activations by working weekends and nighttime hours to provide additional support.


Apex’s team completed the 120,000 configurations over a two-year period following the client’s schedule of regional activation to ensure that the Epic rollouts could take place as planned. Our solution offered both expertise through our SWAT team to ensure knowledge transfer and reduced travel costs with local consultants.