A multinational banking and financial services corporation implements a streamlined single systems platform. 


A large financial client was migrating legacy systems to a new, single platform to enable the organization to provide a comprehensive, modern, and fully integrated advisor and client experience that supports front-, middle-, and back-office services all within a single infrastructure. The client engaged our services to optimize workflows on an SEI platform and optimize legacy systems that would interact with the platform. Our team would conduct critical financial account management to ensure that while the integration of that new SEI platform was being executed, end customer financial transactions would continue to flow in a timely manner. They required a partner who would be able to support the technical aspects of a platform upgrade while at the same time perform non-technical financial work.

Managed financial accounts valued at an estimated $3M monthly average 


Apex implemented a specialized team of ten consultants responsible for critical account management, system analysis, and platform enhancements. They analyzed workflows through the legacy systems, formulated test scripts to gauge performance, and made corrections necessary for the workflow to successfully process through the new platform.

In the process, this team provided end-to-end account support for financial trade settlements, leveraging multiple systems and client portfolios. They also monitored the trade matching, confirmation, and settlements process across multiple platforms for varying security types, providing issue resolution and recommendations for enhancements.


Our team provided critical system analysis of the new platform to be integrated, aiding the client’s efforts to ultimately result in a singular platform for workflow. In addition to this, our team managed and processed thousands of financial trade settlements with substantial financial impact in a combination of manual and automated tasks. This process leveraged multiple legacy systems currently in place to ensure accurate monthly and quarterly earnings for our client and continued best-in-class service to the end customer.