A major American airline develops an application to replace manual ground services asset management and equipment tracking.


Our client needed an application for the ground staff to keep track of equipment asset status to replace manual tracking. This application would need to enable ground crew staff to track real-time data on their equipment to enable more efficient planning of day-to-day operations. This application would also provide the structure for orchestration, detection, forecasting, recommendation, and automation within the client’s operations. 

Reduced reporting time for asset status by 25%, optimizing vehicle fleet fuel consumption


Our team built a solution to demonstrate the ability to report ground service equipment asset status in real time. We used AWS to gather real-time Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data and build a platform for real-time data ingestion. Core components and services from AWS such as Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, and AppSync were leveraged to report on asset data channeled from various upstream sources. The data ingested is presented on an Angular application and published through AWS code pipeline, thereby streamlining the deployment process. The application proactively identifies maintenance issues for assets by alerting ground staff when service is required, collects fuel consumption data for ground vehicles, and monitors ground vehicle driving patterns.


Various ground services teams have widely adopted the application we built. In addition to reducing the time to report asset statuses by 25%, it streamlines the client’s ground service processes. The app enables faster and better inventory of their assets and reduces manual work for reporting on fuel consumption and other environmental metrics. The solution optimized vehicles' fleet routes and reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint. The application also identifies ground staff drivers’ behavior and safety risks. This allows for improved safety and more responsible use of fleet vehicles. The data gathered through these solutions are now an integral part of planning for future projection and cost estimation.