A major telecommunications provider improves network speed and customer experience with our Support Centers services.  


Our client required a high volume of cable technicians in multiple locations to complete an upgrade to modernize their network and increase data speed to their customers. With a short timeline, this client needed a partner to provide staffing and solutions to perform upgrades in the field, central offices, and in residential locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky.  


Apex provided a scalable, flexible solution to meet the skillset and volume requirements across all locations including:  

  • Building customized teams in each location including cable technicians and supervisors  
  • Managing the entire recruitment process from identifying a pool of candidates to interviewing and on-boarding selected candidates 
  • Providing all equipment trucks, ladders, testing equipment, uniforms, car decals, etc. 
  • Ensuring service delivery by working closely with client management teams to track daily production, quality control, and overall customer satisfaction 

Over 150 field technicians deployed 



This project is currently ongoing. Over 125 resources have been deployed to date with less than 10% attrition. Apex’s ability to accommodate demand changes including union labor laws, inclement weather, and other unforeseen business impacts, enabled program acceptance. As a result of Apex’s overall performance and flexibility,  the client continues to find other ways to utilize Apex, including supporting additional areas of business, establishing best practices, and serving as a go to partner to aide in strategic decisions.