A large American laboratory testing company​ migrates their Histology Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to a newer version.


Our client was migrating their Histology Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to a newer version. As part of this migration, they were creating a new environment and will have both systems operating in parallel. They were looking for a partner who would enable and enhance their existing software testing capacity and ease the burden of their current team, which was running into bandwidth limitations. The focus is to implement best practices, procedures, and create a robust manual QA testing team and environment with functional, procedural, and technical knowledge. The goal was to process end-to-end integrated test regression suites to validate upgrade viability.  ​

Cost Reduction of 40-50%​


Apex leveraged a pod of testers in our Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) consisting of a lead consultant and three manual testers. The team undertook knowledge transfer sessions on functional flows and business rules surrounding mainframe applications. They then collaborated with the client QA testing lead to coordinate and disseminate work items. They worked to process existing regression test cases within an ALM test case repository against legacy test environments to fully understand the expected functionality, end results, and generated reports. The team highlighted and resolved any discrepancies within the existing test case regression to ensure a stable baseline for upgrade validation. They then established a defect triage management procedure to log, analyze, and prioritize defects for resolution. The team was responsible for reporting upgrade regression test results, including the pass/fail percentage, and the number and severity of defects logged in a weekly status report.  ​


The Apex team enabled a successful upgrade path with numerous associated resulting benefits. Apex reduced expected costs by 40-50% by utilizing our technical bench of nearshore resources. Our close collaboration and extensive expertise enabled the client to complete the project successfully three weeks ahead of schedule. Apex was able to provide a best practices upgrade to the client team, lessening the burden on their teams, which allowed them to focus on other strategic and critical projects and activities.  ​