A telecommunications provider leverages our project management capabilities to modernize their wireless network.  


Our client was migrating their wireless network from 3G to 4G and required Project Management teams to oversee various sub projects during the implementation phase, including:  

  • Increasing total bandwidth  
  • Upgrading key microwave sites to support the new data usage  
  • Upgrading /decommissioning microwave sites that were converted from Ethernet Backhaul (EBH) to LTE  
  • Decommissioning the legacy leased T1’s to reduce the telecom budget 


Our project managers performed various Program Management Office activities including budgeting, vendor communications, meetings administration and leadership, and purchasing. Additionally, they worked closely with the facilities engineers, telecom vendors, and microwave vendors to ensure deliverables of each project were met in a timely manner.  

Upgraded 184 Circuits and 19 Microwave Key Sites   


Implementation of the upgraded 4G network was successfully completed on time and within budget. Specific sub project results included:  

  • Upgraded 184 circuits from 50mbps to 100mbps 
  • Upgraded 19 key microwave sites that cannot receive EBH circuits  
  • Decommissioned over 400 microwave sites that were converted to EBH  
  • Decommissioned leased T1s and T3s from various vendors for sites that were converted to EBH, thus reducing the overall monthly operating costs