A vacation rental company drives revenue with a dynamic new analytics platform using our Data and Analytics approach.  


Our client, a leading vacation rental company, wanted to develop a dynamic software tool that would provide data analytics on their properties and guide business decisions. They wanted to deliver property managers detailed analysis on their properties based on large datasets, and to utilize the data to make specific recommendations that would increase revenue. The application would focus our client’s partners on the highest growth opportunities, and provide the context needed for property managers to strategically market their rentals.  


We partnered with internal teams to consolidate data from disparate systems and link to unique property IDs. We created APIs with Java through the Dropwizard framework, integrating with MongoDB for backend data and SalesForce for marketing campaigns. The tool was deployed with Jenkins, CICD deployment tools and HashiCorp Vault. The program provided the following features:  

  • Prioritized view of partners and business strategy based on data science opportunity model  
  • Contextual data cards and listing level insights designed to support the sales conversation  
  • UX crafted interface providing a 360 view of account data  
  • Attainment dashboard with account manager performance  
  • Integration with Salesforce to log data and drive reporting  

Created 360 view for account data 


The application was released into production and it is being used by sales teams to increase revenue. The results from the initial implementation have received positive reviews from business partners and received a new round of funding for additional features and investment for the team. 


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