A global software and technology provider utilizes Apex's Support Center capabilities to support enterprise hardware installations across the U.S.


Our client was awarded a federal contract providing enterprise hardware support for around 30 federal installations across the U.S. They needed a strategic partner to help them deliver on the project and meet the designated service level agreements (SLA) of the contract, including maintaining 90% staffing levels for the program and prioritizing small business partners. We were selected to support the work because of our proven history with surge hiring efforts, our Support Center capabilities, and workforce management practices. Additionally, our client needed us to transition incumbent staff on the program, provide reporting, and budgeting and financial management. ​


We provided a solution with a robust workforce management program, allowing for rapid, cost-effective deployment of the cleared and CompTIA-certified personnel required to provide hardware support to the end customer. Prioritizing the customer’s small business goals, we transitioned and maintained around 40 resources through incumbent small business partners, which comprised nearly 35% of the program’s overall staff size. Key components of our solution included:​ 

Maintained 95% Staffing Levels at 30+ Federal Installation Sites Across the U.S.

  • Designated recruiting strategy and processes to ensure consistent delivery of client requirements​
  • Solidified partnerships with small businesses to ensure client met federal contractual obligations​
  • Program reporting to ensure full compliance of staff and to track progress​
  • Financial reporting to provide visibility into spend and effectively manage program funding​


Our swift transition of incumbent resources and onboarding of new personnel ensured minimal down-time for the client, enabling continued service critical to the federal end customer. With a total of nearly 100 technical personnel on the program, we were able to effectively support all 30 federal installations across the U.S. Highlights of our support include: ​

  • Provided travel cost savings of around 90% by targeting local talent ​
  • Maintained an average of 35% in small business personnel ​
  • Deployed a high watermark of 93 cleared, CompTIA-certified consultants ​
  • Ensuring of a minimum of 95% of bases were consistently staffed, exceeding end customer goal of 90%​