A multinational IT services firm leverages our Support Center capabilities to seamlessly transition consultants to a new workforce management provider. 


Our client won a large federal contract to provide IT support services to a federal agency, directly supporting major airports across the U.S. The first challenge our client faced, was to transition employees from the former incumbent integrator and its teaming partners to a new workforce management provider. Transition challenges included:  

  • Finding ways to minimize overhead costs  
  • Increasing small business spend  
  • Aligning consultant benefits and compensation with previous employers’ package  
  • Retaining existing team  
  • Providing detailed tracking of payroll and benefits  


We implemented a customized transition and operations approach to minimize business disruption by focusing on retention and stability of the team:  

  • High touch approach with individual resources early to gauge interest level in staying with the program and obtain current compensation and benefits  
  • Designed optimum benefit/compensation package using gathered information  
  • Determined which resources needed to be processed for interim secret clearances, as not all of the incumbent resources had secret clearances  
  • Carefully vetted and selected a disabled veteran-owned small business partner to achieve our client’s small business spend requirements  
  • Provided engagement management and PMO responsible for onboarding, coaching, and managing operations and resources within the program  


We seamlessly transitioned over 40 employees from the previous integrator in less than 60 days. By eliminating employee overhead and delivering zero downtime and minimal disruption during the transition period, we saved our client time and money. Our project team is helping our client provide critical first, second, and third level triage IT support to airports throughout the country. We are now in the process of helping our client find additional business where this model will produce additional efficiencies and savings, and increase diversity and small business spend.