A technology company consolidates functions and deploys an offsite Support Center with minimal disruption to existing operations. 


Our client’s primary objective was to consolidate their escalation and professional services support for investigative, technical, sales and billing support teams under a single managed service provider. Consolidation needed to be executed with minimal disruption to existing support services through retention of key personnel from legacy providers. This service would leverage world-class technical support management, operational excellence, data driven decision making and continuous service improvement to drive value to our client’s business units.  


We developed an organizational/management structure to increase management oversight, enhance reporting, drive quality and create a culture of continuous service improvement. Resources were consolidated from multiple firms and centrally located in an offsite full functioning Client Center facility provided by us leveraging a phased approach to minimize business disruption. To facilitate the successful transition of key personnel, we conducted a comparative benefits analysis for the local market to align compensation and benefits with skills and experience. Our solution implemented the following measures to enable success:  

  • We provided a dedicated sourcing team for re-badging & recruiting of all current and future resources  
  • Future resource needs were identified through collaborative demand forecasting and capacity management  
  • Detailed Service Level Reports and KPI reporting, CSAT and Quality Management Processes deployed  
  • Custom behavioral and technical training developed and administered  
  • Ongoing team building and recognition  

Through consolidation, $1M annually is saved.


 We provided an offsite client dedicated full functioning facility and infrastructure for 125 people. Through the transition, we retained 100% of the “key personnel” and had a 95% retention of the team as a whole. Throughout the transition period and for ongoing service delivery, we have exceeded service level, quality and customer satisfaction metrics and created a team culture that mirrors our client’s. This engagement has allowed our client to drive more support teams into our facility, while improving operational efficiency and lowering costs. For one line of business supported, the client was able to reduce the team size by 38% while handling twice the case volumes, resulting in annual savings in excess of $1 million.