A technology client leverages our Support Centers capabilities to execute a company-wide seat refresh with minimal disruption to existing business operations.   


Our client needed to provide an enterprise-level seat refresh throughout the U.S. for their large federal government installations, as their current hardware was approaching lease end. The scope of work consisted of installing new computers, ensuring network connectivity and functionality, and repackaging old hardware for proper tagging and storage. The primary objective of this engagement was to perform a cost-effective, migration services for the client that would enable a timely seat refresh with minimal business disruption.  


Our engagement team responded to the client’s need by constructing a desktop deployment solution that provided: 

  • Agile and scalable demand planning which resulted in higher concentrations of localized resources and significant cost savings associated with travel to the 75+ sites 
  • Project management of timely machine deployments, resource capacity, attrition, and risk mitigation 
  • Security management to ensure stream-lined contractor on-boarding within federal and client regulations, including dedicated cleared Project Management resources to conduct site visits and in person performance management 
  • Workforce management, where we assumed responsibility for all consultant sourcing (120 technicians), on-boarding, logistics oversight and coordination, performance management and project completion 
  • Timely consultant deployments, by utilizing a real-time work/travel tracker and an easy-to-use travel system for consultants to routinely book travel within client guidelines 
  • Comprehensive training and development programs for contractors that included: mandatory security trainings, 8570 certification study guides and exam sponsorship and technical training and development of our team 

Refreshed over 78,00 Seats nearly Two Months Ahead of Schedule


Our ability to provide technical resources that required limited management and ramp-up time for deployments contributed to timely migration completion. With a scheduled deadline to deploy 75,896 seats, the Apex resources were able to successfully complete 78,123 seats (103% completion rate) and did so more than one month ahead of schedule. Additionally, the client gained efficiency within their processes that enabled them to be better equipped for timely deployment of future initiatives.