Apex delivers a fully remote, customized support center for a multinational technology company's gaming division.


Our client acquired a video game live streaming platform in order to break into the interactive streaming industry. As business grew, new features were integrated into our client’s own gaming systems. They needed a partner to build out a customer support team that focused on the growing Support and Moderation needs. This team would initially need to be fully remote with the intent to move to an Apex Client Delivery Center.


Once we partnered with client leadership to gain a full understanding of their requirements, we delivered a customized support service center solution that aligned with our client’s core values and included:

  • Training protocols
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Demand planning and scheduling
  • Wellness programs

Over four years, we scaled a team of 42 Agents whose skillsets included Tier 1 and Tier 2 Technical Support, Customer Support, Platform Moderation, and Dashboard Development with Power BI.

Improved Incident Handle Time by 80%



The team helped our client’s volume to grow and position itself as a positive streaming platform within the gaming industry. We provided exceptional customer support by refining the following:

  • Improved quality scores (error rate) by 50%
  • Decreased time to first response to under one hour
  • Average handle time improved 80% through T&D and process improvement
  • Dropped support ticket resolution time by over 10 hours

Today, our client continues to experience the organizational effects from our Support and Moderation Team and has retained several of our consultants for future projects.