Creating a data platform to track and analyze digital assets for a multinational entertainment conglomerate.


Our client, a large entertainment corporation, had acquired and integrated multiple companies into their corporate and technology ecosystem. As a result, there were numerous technical environments of varying sizes, quality, and complexity. However, with cybersecurity threats being a constant concern, the limited transparency of their technology ecosystem posed a challenge. Despite having several vulnerability scanning software packages in place, our client lacked a practical solution for consolidating, visualizing, and taking actionable steps based on the resulting asset scan information. The client turned to Apex to deliver a solution to consolidate and easily analyze the scan data to mitigate threats.​​

"This solution empowered our team and cross-functional partners to take proactive action and improve our security."

-  Cybersecurity Leader​


Apex’s solution included the development and delivery of an innovative application that enabled the client to gain consolidated visibility into their asset scanning results. This application allowed for easier identification of vulnerabilities and the respective asset owners.​​

Scanning software results were seamlessly uploaded into an Amazon S3 bucket, which instantly triggers a serverless instance to transform and update an RDS instance. Furthermore, a user-friendly Angular web application was used to retrieve the data from the RDS instance through an efficient Flask-based REST API.​​

Application features such as asset searching and dashboards facilitated the ability for stakeholders to make more informed decisions regarding resource allocation and proactive measures. It allowed for improvement with budget projections, delivery timelines, technical debt, auditing, prioritization, and security. ​​

With this application, the client can now effortlessly search and analyze all digital assets, ranging from cloud SaaS to bare metal servers. This includes crucial key data such as IP addresses, software versions, and vulnerability scores. Additionally, an integration with ServiceNow easily provided all business and technical contacts for each asset.​​


Ultimately, the application revolutionized the client's ability to pinpoint vulnerabilities, significantly enhancing transparency across the company’s entire IT footprint. The application scans and uploads results of more than 100,000 records multiple times daily. Additionally, the application provided the needed visualization of key metrics and asset information such as asset platforms, asset online status, technology versions, assets by company division, and more. Apex successfully equipped the client with the tool they needed to navigate the technical complexities of their umbrella enterprise, effectively mitigating risk.​