A telecommunications company uses our Support Centers capabilities to migrate to a new digital system and meet their increased demand during the busy storm season.  


Our client, a large telecommunications company, was migrating to an all-digital system during their annual busy storm season. The distributing, installing, and upgrading of digital set-top-boxes resulted in a large increase in call volume from customers and a need for added service center support.  



Our team was engaged to provide a Support Service Center program to supplement our client’s dispatch support team to address their large call volume, adding an additional 30 dispatch support agents. We also established SLA targets around call times, volumes and productivity as part of our performance management structure for agents.  

We leveraged several of our best practice artifacts and processes, including new hire onboarding processes, issues and risk trackers, attendance reporting, and general status reporting to clearly communicate performance against KPIs and financial goals. Specifically, the tools provided valuable reporting metrics enabling us to effectively onboard and manage our team. These metrics allowed us to create a rewards program that recognized performance around productivity and customer service, ultimately minimizing attrition.  

Our team also implemented post-migration support to meet our client’s needs outside the original scope at the completion of the initial migration. We prepared and aligned 12 team members to provide support for the dispatch technicians for an additional four months. 


Met or exceeded all call time SLAs


By implementing a Support Services Center approach and best practices along with engagement management for daily oversight, our team was able to meet and exceed all SLA targets, specifically:  

  • Average 95% daily productivity levels  
  • Average of 3.5 minutes per incoming call  
  • Average 11 minutes per outgoing call  

The migration was successfully completed within 5.5 months. Our approach to performance management and our rewards program minimized turnover, helping our client achieve their performance targets.