A major regional healthcare and hospital system utilizes Apex to test their applications and programs in support of a Windows 10 implementation. 


Our client was upgrading their systems to Windows 10 and needed to consolidate their Active Directory (AD) program in the process. They were seeking a technical partner who could help them test all applications in production across their facilities for compatibility with Windows 10. The process would involve interviewing users and testing programs for more than 500 applications across the hospital system to facilitate the migration. We were chosen to support the effort because of our demonstrated partnership and previous success delivering effective technical solutions to this client. 


We provided a team of senior applications analysts to plan and coordinate site visits to each of our client’s locations. The analysts tested the operational applications in use at each site, determining any necessary remediation action and documenting all findings, issues, and decision options.

While onsite, our team: 

  • Conducted in-depth analyses of applications against Windows 10 and other pre-defined sets of applications
  • Discussed and identified Windows 10 compatibility requirements with application users, vendors, and team members
  • Assisted with integration efforts and duties as requested by the client, including Active Directory consolidation support 

500+ Applications Tested and Remediation Actions Determined 


Our team successfully worked through the client’s list of applications, testing 500+ different programs against the new Windows 10 system. During the process, the team identified applications to be set to sunset or to be remediated, enabling the client to successfully implement Windows 10 and upgrade their overall operations.