A public utility company engages Apex to execute parallel payroll testing and prepare for their upcoming Workday Payroll go-live.


In support of their Workday HR Optimization project, our client needed to perform a parallel payroll to align with their go-live date. Payroll parallel testing runs payroll in both the legacy and new systems and then compares the results, ensuring payroll is accurately calculated in the new software. The client also needed to complete payroll history conversion into sandbox and production environments, have the testing and conversion data reviewed and approved, along with thorough documentation of processes and results. Additionally, they were seeking assessment of their existing configuration and recommendations for future state to address inconsistencies and conflicting data. They lacked the internal Workday expertise required for the project and engaged us because of our demonstrated success executing Cloud on‑demand financial management and human capital management software. 


To meet our client’s go-live date, we were engaged to complete three parallel payrolls in Workday to ensure a smooth transition. We were also tasked with creating and maintaining documentation required for knowledge transfers, processes, and procedures for running payroll in Workday. During the parallel payroll and go-live preparation, our team:

  • Created a playbook for how to run payroll in Workday
  • Assessed configuration and provided recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Performed successful payrolls in Parallel Testing Cycles
  • Secured signoff of Workday and client business before launch
  • Transferred knowledge through interactive group meetings with payroll groups
  • Provided assistance with parallel activities as needed such as running taxes and reconciling payrolls

Achieved Successful Go-Live and Effective Knowledge Transfer


Our team successfully executed and assessed the three parallel payrolls within Workday prior to our client’s go-live launch. As a result of thorough and interactive group meetings with payroll, the necessary documentation and knowledge transfer occurred, enabling a successful payroll transition to Workday for our client.