“The Apex team would think outside the box … well beyond the generic written requirements we supplied. I could not be more satisfied with the development pod we worked with and have already expanded this team for our next project.” - VP & Chief Technology Officer


Patient safety is critical to hospitals, so they take proactive steps to prevent falls and other injuries, especially for those who are at a higher risk. This is true even when the hospital is short-staffed and resources are stretched thin. In light of the challenges of having a nurse or doctor with every patient continuously, hospitals enlist the assistance of hospital sitters to keep a watchful eye on individuals who have a higher likelihood of falling. They are limited in the number of rooms they can effectively monitor at the same time. Keeping their commitment to patient safety at the forefront, our client took the initiative to find an AI-powered solution. This solution allows fewer sitters to watch over more patients.


Together, Apex and our client created the eSitter application which utilizes advanced motion detection through cameras to monitor patients in their beds. In the event that dangerous activity is detected, the application immediately alerts attending staff to review the footage. Using two-way audio integration, the sitter can communicate with the patients and swiftly notify nursing staff if further action is required to prevent any potential injuries.


Through this AI-driven project, Apex helped our client advance patient safety and wellbeing across their health system. 

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