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Frictionless Experience 

Human-centered design thinking, thought partnership, managed services, and top-notch execution are the pillars of our UXD Solution. We help to drive the vision that produces innovative, metric-driven products and experiences. The key objective is to grow the design literacy and fluency of your organization. 

Frictionless Experience 


When organizations see their users as people and focus on their needs, it vastly increases engagement rates. Business goals and user needs must be aligned. The world’s smartest and most successful brands are obsessed with optimizing user experience.


A transformative journey creates design-infused, innovative, metric-driven, and user-focused organizations by focusing on the key pillars of human-centered design thinking, thought partnership, managed services, and top-notch execution.


Create solutions that are optimized for your users. This also helps cost effectiveness, revenue generation and brand differentiation for your organization. Empathetic, human-centered experiences make loyal customers and brand advocates.

Apex Advantage <span class="light">&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; David Muhammad, Director of Digital Solutions </span>
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Apex Advantage   |   David Muhammad, Director of Digital Solutions
Merging Culture Strategy and User Experience
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What our clients say
"Apex approached the engagement with a consultant mindset, rather than a contractor one. They asked “How can we help” rather than waiting for assigned tasks. They kept management apprised of status, communicated any issues, and asked questions to properly prioritize work."
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David Muhammad 
Digital Practice Director 

David is a seasoned digital, innovation, experience design leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and strong creative, editorial, operations, and business development expertise, coupled with highly effective collaborative and interpersonal communications skills.