Health Information Management

Streamlining Patient Health

Healthcare services and systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  Small mistakes cause big financial impacts to healthcare providers and could also delay patients receiving critical treatments.  Ensure your Health Information Management (HIM) team is responsible for accurate coding, adequate documentation to support medical necessity, and maximized reimbursement. 

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Streamlining Patient Health


Complete, accurate and timely coding allows medical professionals to focus on providing healthcare services and better patient outcomes, ensures compliance and improves revenue integrity.


A flexible, onshore workforce ranging from a single coder to a managed team helps with seasonal increases, educating client on best practices, or filling gaps in leadership.


Grow overall team knowledge, implement best-practice methods and capabilities, and achieve process improvement goals including better coding quality, reduced billing issues and an improved revenue cycle. 

Apex Advantage <span class="light">&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; Rand Blazer, President Apex Systems </span>
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Apex Advantage   |   Rand Blazer, President Apex Systems
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"Apex Systems does a great job of evaluating their potential candidates. Everyone they have provided has been a very good contracted coder. The firm has high-quality candidates. Apex Systems is really easy to work with, so we value them as a partner."
Director, National Healthcare System


Catherine Dawson
Director Healthcare

Catherine Malli-Dawson, Vice President of Advisory Services, has direct experience consulting both internally and externally to deliver solutions to healthcare organizations. With over 12 years’ experience in healthcare and 30 years in business overall, she has a keen understanding of both operational management as well as technical challenges. She has expertise in revenue cycle operations from beginning to end and has directly managed teams responsible for implementing an EHR, maintaining a production environment and managing the system within operations. Catherine specializes in EHR implementations, vendor selection and management, contract negotiation, solution design and system implementation, project management, global operations, and professional presentations and conferences.