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When we hear "skills" we mostly focus on technical skills for career growth and promotions. However, one of the most important skills that we need at work are interpersonal skills to motivate team members and steer them towards a common goal. We are hear to answer the questions, " How can I use my interpersonal skills to keep my team focused."

Mahjooba Bianchi:
Ms. Bianchi is a certified Project Management Professional with an MBA In IT Project Management. She is passionate about mentoring, supporting, and guiding individuals on establishing a successful career path. She has over 10 years of experience working on complex projects both in the private and government sector. As an Agile Project Management practitioner she focuses on clarifying business requirements, and designing process improvements to increase productivity. Ms. Bianchi during her spare time is an Project Management Professional (PMP) instructor and runs PMP Boot Camp training classes through her own company (ADV Consultants).
Dina Pastor:
Ms. Pastor is a certified Project Management Professional with an MBA in Business Administration and has over 15 years of hands on experience in the Information Technology. She has a diverse background working in Telecommunications, Automotive and in the Healthcare industries.  She began her career as an Equipment Delivery Manager and evolved into Senior Project Management positons managing at the portfolio, program and project levels.  In her role she fosters an innovative environment of teamwork through effective communication and decision making. 
10/24/2018 1:00 PM