63 Minutes

Check out this panel discussion facilitated by Dylan Kodad, our National Veteran Advocate. Learn about the opportunities that you, as a transitioning military member or Veteran, can pursue post-service, and how to best position yourself for them!

Panel Topics:

  1. Introductions and how did you get your first job after the military?
  2. What are some common career paths?
  3. How can you set yourself up for success and how does it relate to upskilling and networking? What are some programs and free resources that exist?
  4. How can you find and connect with relevant recruiters?
  5. How can you determine your market worth and target salary?
  6. What favorite tip do you have to offer when applying for jobs?
  7. What’s your favorite tip when it comes to resumes and interviewing?


Dylan Kodad

Dylan is the National Veteran Advocate for Apex Systems, Inc. He is a Marine Corps Veteran, former government contractor, and government services recruiter. Dylan manages the Apex Veteran Redeployment Initiative, as well as the Apex Systems/Vets2PM DoD Skill Bridge Program.



Sara Potecha

Sara is a speaker, executive coach, organizational transformation consultant, and bestselling author of the book “West Point Woman”. She began her career as an Army Officer supervising over 300 highly skilled technicians and later went on to director-level roles. Sara is now helping to transform Veteran recruiting, hiring, and retention within corporations.

Cathy Miclat

Cathy is the Director of Career Services for Vets2PM. She is a professional resume writer and executive search recruiter with expertise in many industries, including helping transitioning Veterans find their ‘civilian’ voice. Over the past 23 years, Cathy has worked in recruiting and human resources, evaluating candidate credentials against specific job requirements, and facilitating overall best fit scenarios.

Terry Henderson

Terry is a retired U.S. Army CW4 with a background in Special Operations. As a Corporate Engagement Manager with Microsoft, Terry now works with clients directly to speak on the importance of hiring quality Veteran talent.

Cameron Smith:

Cameron is a Veteran Success Specialist with Intellectual Point and an Army Veteran himself. Cameron educates Veterans and transitioning service members on programs available to them through Intellectual Point, such as popular IT certifications that are in demand, like the CompTIA Security+.

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