Grants for Good Program

We launched Apex’s Grants for Good program in mid-2019 to provide a better way for our consultants to be involved in our philanthropic initiatives. Expanding our Corporate Social Responsibility, the program allows us to contribute more to the nonprofits impacting the communities where we live, serve, and work.

Our Grants for Good program offers consultants the opportunity to nominate one nonprofit quarterly that they are involved in and passionate about. Our National Charity Committee reviews all of the nominations each quarter and chooses one nonprofit to receive a donation from Apex that supports the organization’s mission and cause. Starting in 2021, we will be increasing our donation from $500 to $1,000 for each selected nonprofit.

Learn more about the nonprofits that we have most recently selected for our program.

Use the Nonprofit Nomination Application to nominate your nonprofit. Instructions for completing and submitting your application are included in the form.