Since its inception, our Grants for Good program has offered our consultants the opportunity to nominate a nonprofit to receive a donation from Apex Systems. Participation in our program allows consultants to be a key part of our culture while making a difference in local communities.

To get 2021 started, our first quarter Grants for Good spotlight is on Alpha Community Services. Apex consultants nominated many deserving nonprofits this quarter. Apex's philanthropy committee felt Alpha Community Services stood out and selected them to receive a $1,000 donation. Jacob, the Apex consultant who nominated Alpha Community Services, has dedicated more than 250 hours of his time supporting them over the last year.

The following includes a recap of our interview with Jacob, where he shares added insight.

Tell us about Alpha Community Services.

"Alpha's main mission is to provide housing for some of the most vulnerable populations on the southern-central Connecticut coast. But they also have a set of case management support initiatives for residents. So the mission is not just to help them in the short term, but also in the long term to get people back on their feet and get them back on track towards meeting their goals."

What has changed for Alpha Community Services in the last year?

"There are so many people in need, and COVID has been an exacerbating factor in many lives. We have pivoted many of our services, focusing on the homeless and all the community people that require help. We had to turn to virtual fundraising as well. Last year we had more success with our virtual fundraising than ever before."

How can people support Alpha Community Services?

"Obviously, funding is always probably the most challenging component of this because there's effectively an unlimited amount of work to be done to help people. So, if you don't have time to come out and feel generous, you can always donate money. The funds go towards our goal, which we try to obtain each year. Every dollar that we're able to raise is one more dollar towards one of these programs that we're providing to the residents."

Listen to our live interview with Jacob by clicking here.

How can you learn more and connect with Alpha Community Services?

Learn more by selecting Alpha Community Services.

Your charity is always appreciated; select here to donate online.