Apex consultants nominate nonprofit organizations of their choice for our Grants for Good program, and each is a true inspiration! Our hearts are heavy, and our will is strong in supporting our Q4, 2021 Grants for Good recipient, Deuces to Leukemia.

Founded in 2019, Deuces to Leukemia is working aggressively toward eradicating leukemia by providing resources and support to families experiencing the challenges that may come after a leukemia diagnosis. Apex consultant Audrey nominated Deuces to Leukemia and shared her personal experience during our video interview.

What's your experience with Deuces to Leukemia?

"Deuces to Leukemia was made in honor of my grandson – we called him Deuce. One reason we started the foundation is when we were at the hospital; we saw children in their rooms by themselves because the parents weren't able to be there. It was just so heartbreaking seeing the kids there by themselves. And so we had to figure out something to help those families."

How has Deuces to Leukemia helped families?

"In the first year, we raised $5,000. We also set up drives for people to donate clothing, blankets, snacks, children's books, and other items for kids in the Dallas Children's Hospital. Funds donated help families struggling to pay for cancer treatments and other bills. If parents need someone to sit with their kids, we'll also donate our time. Just having someone sitting next to a child to provide them company makes them feel better."

What has changed for Deuces to Leukemia in the last year?

"Pre-COVID, we volunteered time to simply read a book to a child, play games, watch TV, or keep them company by just talking with them. We host 3-4 toy drives a year doing it quarterly, and we try to do it more by sharing our Facebook page when collecting toys. We collected 800+ toys in 2021 for kids in the hospital. Due to the continuation of COVID and many people not being able to work, we have not done as well with just 200 or more toys. Overall, the goal is to ensure each child can get a toy. And if we were unable to get a toy, we try to provide a gift card."

How can people support Deuces to Leukemia?

"There are a lot of ways to help; donate your time or your stuff! We also do drives to collect socks, gloves, and hats when it's cold, but the main thing the kids really, really love is toys! It makes them face some of their fears in so many ways. Gift cards are good to help parents and families pay bills. The funds also help families visit daily or help them stay by the hospital where their child is being treated. When they are nearby, they can visit their children more frequently."

Listen to our live interview with Audrey by clicking here.

Since its inception, our Grants for Good program has offered our consultants the opportunity to nominate a nonprofit to receive a donation from Apex Systems. Participation in our program allows consultants to be a crucial part of our culture while making a difference in local communities. Are you an Apex consultant, and do you have a nonprofit you'd like to nominate? If so, read more on our Grants for Good program page.