Be involved, attend a career fair, apply, interview and more.

  • Be involved. Your resume should speak to your diverse background through internships, extra-curricular activities, and education. Time management skills are key, while in school.
  • Attend a Career Fair. Recruiters attend university career fairs to meet and interview upcoming graduates whether digitally or in person. When meeting company employees firsthand, you will have a better idea of the company and position you are interviewing for. Be sure to research the companies before attending the fair, so you make the best use of your time.
  • Apply. Corporate Recruiters utilize many resources when looking for sharp graduates to join their company. If there is a job opening or position posted on your school website, that interests you, apply and connect with that Recruiter on Linked In.
  • Interview. Making time for interviews while in school may be difficult. It’s important to allot time for this and follow up with your Corporate Recruiter.
  • First Job. Your last semester of college may fly by! College grads should prepare themselves by starting their job hunt early. It will be time to enter the work force before you know it. By starting your search early, you will set yourself up with more options and not be rushed along the way.