Harnessing the power of patient data with AWS HealthLake.

Are you part of a healthcare provider, insurance, or pharmaceutical company that is looking to transform your organization? While AWS offers many services that can help throughout your journey, AWS HealthLake is one of the latest additions Apex is leveraging to accelerate your modernization. As a HIPAA-eligible service, AWS HealthLake enables your organization to process data and obtain actionable insight at a petabyte scale.

Is your data consistent and complete? For the most value, it should be.

According to AWS, “Healthcare providers can use HealthLake to store, transform, query, and analyze data in the AWS Cloud.” The new offering operates on natural language processing (NLP) models that afford it advanced data processing power. “You can use HealthLake to organize, index, and structure patient information in a secure, compliant, and auditable manner,” they say.

How AWS HealthLake Can Help 

There is a vast amount of data generated by healthcare organizations. According to one estimate, up to 15 medical devices are associated with every hospital bed, with vast amounts of data flowing in from various components of the patient-centered medical dynamic. The use of wearables continues to rise, mobile applications creating a virtual front door have become the norm, and clinical trials continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

As more and more data flows in, the more important it becomes to harness the power of this information. Healthcare organizations can combine this data with many applications to gain deep insights to improve patient care experiences and operational efficiencies. With AWS's HIPAA-eligible HealthLake service, possibilities for transforming your company’s data into actionable insights are both limitless and customizable.  

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is an open-source standards framework for Electronic Health Records (EHR), a major source of healthcare data. FHIR is increasingly becoming the de facto standard for healthcare data exchange. Through ingestion into AHL in FHIR format, the data can be extracted, transformed, and ingested into any data analytics system. Many APIs are available to provide access to data in AHL to integrate with EHR vendor systems.

It is more important than ever to ensure that organizations have access to all structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from a single location in a consistent and secure format

Benefits offered by AWS HealthLake include:

  • Data consolidation: Consolidate all your enterprise data into a single source.
  • Secure data storage in a single repository: Securely store all enterprise data into a HIPAA-eligible cloud service.
  • Industry-standard data format: Any unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data is transformed into industry-standard FHIR format.
  • Data analytics from a single source: Run your analytics from a single source with consistently formatted data.
  • AI/ML Model development: Build machine learning models for predictive analytics.

AWS HealthLake can support many of the most common healthcare use cases. For example, you can use AHL to run analytics on population health data at a large scale to identify patterns and trends. Similarly, healthcare, health insurance, and life sciences organizations may leverage AHL to improve patient care quality by getting a 360-degree view of patient data.

Aligning AWS HealthLake with your Cloud Vision  

As data becomes the centerpiece of business strategies and decision-making processes, it is more important than ever to ensure that organizations have access to all structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from a single location in a consistent and secure format. Data warehouses and data lakes serve extremely useful purposes for structured and operational needs versus deep analysis.  

Our technical and industry expertise enables us to build custom and secure industry-specific data lakes to serve many of the industries that Apex supports today. Our solutions range from data ingestion, extraction, transformation, storage, analytics, and AI/ML modeling. Our advanced partnership with AWS, complemented by our domain knowledge of the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries, along with operational delivery capabilities make Apex an ideal partner for building, maintaining, and leveraging data lakes for competitive advantage. 

Why AWS HealthLake 

Apex leverages AWS HealthLake as a core solution for our healthcare and Life Sciences industries. Depending on our client’s business objectives and needs, we partner with clients to build a data lake strategy, identify data sources and format, establish the necessary integration bridges, securely store data, build custom analytics solutions, and support the ongoing optimization of a data lake environment.

Managing Director of Emerging Technologies Imran Bashir also contributed to this article.