A Fortune 500 financial services company utilizes Apex to provide consultants with deep expertise in artificial intelligence skillsets, within tight timeframes.  


One of our long-standing clients, a Fortune 50 financial services institution, was expanding their use of artificial intelligence with the goal of enhancing their customer experience. They wanted to improve their customer relationship by bringing a full range of services such as live fraud detection. In order to incorporate artificial intelligence in their customer experience applications, our client needed to create a team with expertise in deep learning and natural language processing.  


Apex’s account team worked directly with the leader of the client’s artificial intelligence group to establish our client’s business needs determine the ideal resources to help reach their future state targets. Each candidate needed experience in modern deep learning approaches and natural language processing with advanced statistical computing language for data analysis with R or Python. Additionally each candidate needed prior experience working in an agile environment, able to work creatively and analytically. The team was composed of the following: 

  • Machine Learning Program Manager 
  • Natural Language Processing Program Manager 
  • Four Project Managers 
  • Project Coordinator 
  • Azure Architect 

These skillsets are in very high demand across the U.S. In order to have access to the best talent, Apex worked with our client to streamline their interview process so that they could move quickly enough to secure quality candidates.    


Apex was able to provide candidates within three to four business days and successfully fill each requirement. Apex combined live technical screening with behavioral based interviews to find candidates that shared the same vision as our client. We have maintained 100% retention to date. As a result, we continue to expand into new lines of business with our customer.