A leading ecommerce marketplace provider uses Cloud service offering to migrate data assets to a public cloud platform, optimizing resources and controlling costs.  


Our client runs a leading digital marketplace, managing the products and services exchanged between buyers and sellers. They needed a technical partner to help move their data services and data assets from an on-premise environment to a public cloud platform. We were selected to complete the effort given our extensive experience creating cloud enabled applications for the client previously. In addition to the migration, they needed to meet or exceed performance requirements, guarantee no data loss and optimize compute and storage resources to contain costs.  


Our team partnered with our client to move their legacy SQL Server Data Warehouse from the data center to a modern Agile data services solution deployed on the AWS, leveraging technologies such as Spark and Kafka. Our cloud solution was built with automation, innovation and reusability in mind. As such, we implemented an API generator to automatically create connections to data sources, a graph explorer to visualize the inventory of data services available and a containerized solution for enabling the quick creation of data science workloads in the environment.  

Faster time to market 


Our cloud solution resulted in an overall faster time to market for the release of new features, with better quality and fewer defects. At the same time, our approach for modernization, automation and reusability created an environment that enabled streaming analytics, such as predicting customer behaviors and personalizing content in real-time. With our infrastructure-as-code approach, new workloads could be spun up and leveraged by product development teams on demand. 


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