A Fortune 500 retail pharmacy utilizes Apex's national delivery capabilities to find non-IT resources over a five-year period. 


Our client, a leading retail pharmacy and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), was struggling to support their non-IT business internally, impeding the growth and efficiency of the business. They were seeking staffing partners who could offer a centralized national recruiting and management structure so that they could get coverage to their low volume, non-IT requirements across the country. A centralized approach would increase volume and allow suppliers to support business in a variety of markets. Apex was chosen as a staffing partner because we had experience supporting comparable programs as well as the ability to expand our existing national delivery center to offer centralized support. ​


Apex built a dedicated team of recruiters in our national delivery center who specialize in recruiting pharmacy benefit management (PBM) skill sets, helping us to outperform most of the other suppliers. We have made placements in over 150 markets nationally, and placed resources across a variety of business lines including: ​

  • Call center/customer service representatives ​

  • Pharmacy technicians​

  • Pharmacists​

  • Accounts payable/receivable​

  • Billing​

  • Operations​

  • Administrative ​

  • Warehouse​

Over 3,600 Professionals Placed​


Since we began supporting this client in 2012, Apex has placed over 3,600 non-IT professionals. After five years as a supplier, Apex owned 15% of the market share despite being one of 20 total suppliers. When our client implemented a tiered system, Apex was selected as one of four Tier One suppliers. ​