A Big Four management consulting firm leverages Apex to expand their cloud services into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 


Our client was expanding their cloud services and needed a partner to help build a team specializing in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They had traditionally operated exclusively within Microsoft products, but wanted to expand into AWS and GCP to offer their diverse client base more dynamic services. They were struggling with building the team internally because the market for the highly skilled consultants was extremely competitive, resulting in high turnover rates. We were chosen as a partner because of our existing relationship providing high-performing consultants to this client, and our ability to help their internal HR department with market analysis and salary education. ​


We provided a team of six skilled cloud consultants, including four GCP architects, an AWS architect, and a Microsoft Azure architect, who were responsible for delivering cloud solutions to accelerate application delivery. The team supported software development and provided best practices to streamline and automate the release management pipeline, including advocating for GCP internally and enabling rapid adoption of the new platform to drive transformation. ​

One of our GCP architects excelled in the role, quickly becoming the enterprise leader for all cloud service initiatives and ultimately being promoted to Cloud Platform Architecture and Engineering Leader. On assignment and alongside his team, this standout consultant has: ​

Six Cloud Architects Leading Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Implemented the client’s first global Cloud Management Platform (CMP) ​
  • Delivered a global self-service, highly automated platform and product suite for on-demand and secure multi-cloud delivery (AWS, Azure, GCP)​
  • Led teams for global cloud engineering, solution architecture, and operations ​


As a result of our support, the client has effectively expanded their cloud infrastructure services with a fully functional and highly valued cloud services team. This initiative is ongoing, with all six of our highly-skilled team members being direct hires or having since converted to permanent employees. They lead and exclusively own the design of cloud solutions for the client, leading the enterprise’s cloud architecture and engineering practice. Because of our success with this team, we continue to support this client’s ongoing cloud requirements. ​