A global IT services provider requires an expansive group of technical support resources to modernize their enterprise. 


Our client was in need of an experienced, efficient partner to manage an expansive workforce of technical support professionals in 20 different states and across 100+ markets. Two additional partners besides Apex were chosen by the client to accommodate the project’s massive scope.  As the client’s needs have evolved, this project has become a reoccurring need every year since its' inception.  


To meet the fast-paced and multifaceted demands of our client, Apex assembled a dedicated team specifically focused on the project. The team included an Apex Account Manager and Lead, a group of recruiters, and an Apex Compliance Specialist. This team worked diligently to:  

  • Locate technical support professionals in each of our client’s markets 
  • Conduct careful screening of each candidate, including two rounds of interviews  
  • Coordinate travel arrangements for selected candidates to complete a week of training at client’s chosen site   
  • Manage a strong, client-specific candidate pipeline to effectively combat any turnover   
  • Place administrative and support staff to help with scheduling and training 
  • Achieve 100% compliance in all areas  

Over 140 Technical Professionals Placed in the Past Two Years​


As testament to our good work, each year, Apex’s ownership of the account has escalated compared to the other two vendors, increasing to 85% exclusivity by 2019. To help support this relationship, one of Apex’s Account Managers sits on site for training one-two days a week.  In addition, the Apex team has successfully been able to place over 140 technical professionals in the last two years.