Facing a major data breach, a global data and analytics company works to transform and modernize their security and cloud platforms. 


Our client, a global data and analytics company, suffered a data breach that affected millions of their customers. With consumer data privacy and security at top of mind, our client had a monumental decision on how best to address their problem. To transform their business, they hired a new Chief Technology Officer and set a strategy to modernize by moving their systems entirely to a public cloud platform, within a three-year timeframe. Realizing that they would have an uptick in hiring, they sought after a partner that could support the organization across multiple locations, offer value added services such as resource management, and could bring them top technical talent across high demand skillsets. Apex was the only legacy partner selected due to previous proven performance and were one of six overall partners chosen to begin the reengineering of their Software as a Service offerings.   


Over 100 Consultants Deployed

Using the Agile Spotify model, our client created dozens of Scrum Teams, which required Product Owners, Tech Leads, Site Reliability Engineers, Java Software Engineers, and Quality Automation Engineers. In concert with other vendors, Apex helped build out 72 Scrum Teams, with over 100 specific Apex consultants.   

With the exception of one consultant, Apex built out the entirety of the Strategic Planning and Initiatives Team that increased internal and external communications, built data-driven decision making tools, and drove security and compliance issues to resolution. These cross-functional teams helped our client become cloud-native by taking them from an on-premises data center to a Google Cloud Platform, dramatically improving their ability to scale up and evolve the business.  


After nearly three years, our client continues to modernize their enterprise and work with the latest in Java and Open Source technologies. During this time, Apex has been consistently ranked number one and number two according to their weighted metrics. Since the inception of these programs, Apex has been the number one partner in their headquarters location where their fastest growing and most profitable division is located. Today Apex is still providing consultants that help their teams set industry best practices. 


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