A global financial firm utilizes Apex’s Data and Analytics capabilities to assess their database and application complexity, resulting in a cost-effective and quantitative modeling process.  


Our client wanted an assessment of their database support and application complexity. The assessment would proactively provide a standardized approach for informed and cost-effective support through a quantitative modeling process. The scope included:  

  • A comprehensive analysis and current state review of their database and application support  
  • The future state definition of the Application Support Optimization Model  
  • Creation of a gap analysis and roadmap to go from present to future state  
  • The design of ongoing assessment, optimization, and support strategies  

700 Database Applications Assessed 

700 database applications assessed 


We designed and developed a comprehensive scoring model based in SharePoint that assessed the complexity of more than 700 database applications. The model considered multiple dimensions including environmental and business factors, system platforms, database complexity, and application usage. The primary usage of the model was to assess workload balancing and allocation of future responsibilities for the database application support team. 


The project was completed on time and within budget. The project deliverables included detailed complexity scores by application, a tool for ongoing application updates and changing conditions, and future state recommendations.


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