A large banking client rapidly source and deploy a team of high-performing consultants to meet their regulatory requirement on a tight deadline.  


Due to regulatory findings, our client was required to provide definition, documentation and training on the Controlled 3rd Party Software acquisition processes within a tight deadline. Project scope included:  

  • Validate and catalog applications in collaboration with various application teams  
  • Support application teams across the enterprise to validate software acquisition processes were followed  
  • Provide software acquisition process related communication and direction to impacted application teams  
  • Creation of tools to monitor acquisitions  
  • Gather statistical data for metrics and trend reporting  

To meet regulatory commitments, the client needed to close a substantial gap in resources and current workload. Given the aggressive timeline, the client did not have the ability to appropriately onboard and manage resources.  

32 resources onboarded in under two weeks


Through discussions with the client, our team was able to create a solution for two work streams - Definition/ Implementation and Operationalization. Once defined, we established an initial demand plan of 35 resources comprising of Business Process and Business Systems Consultants. Additionally, we partnered with the client to establish an overall governance model and delivery plan that included the following deliverables:  

  • Quarterly Program Governance and Demand Plan Review  
  • Customized Training Curriculum across work streams  
  • Report of Available Bench Resources  
  • Performance Management Framework  
  • Weekly Work Effort Summary  
  • Monthly Steering Committee Report  

To minimize client impact, our engagement management team selected, onboarded and provided ongoing training and performance management for our 35-person team. In addition, we deployed Team Leads to establish deliverable quality standards and reporting structure. 


We deployed and onboarded a team of 35 resources within 2 weeks without impacting client workload. The commitment, quality and performance management of the team led to less than 5% attrition over an 18-month engagement. Our focus on productivity allowed the team to complete compliance activities on over 3,800 applications and to successfully deploy satisfactory acquisition processes across the enterprise, which ultimately helped the client achieve their deadline and regulatory commitment.