A Fortune 1000 payment processing company develops a custom training program to upskill and retain early talent.


Our client realized the composition of their workforce was imbalanced in terms of age and tenure. They wanted to attract junior talent to build a pipeline of workers who could step into roles as senior employees approach the end of their careers. They needed to hire employees who already had certain skill sets to address gaps in their workforce, and then train those employees in technologies like Salesforce and Adobe AEM. They wanted customized training for each consultant, along with standardized onboarding so the consultants had knowledge specific to the client’s business. The goal was for all the consultants to eventually convert to full-time employees.

Developed customized training program with Apex Talent University (ATU)


Apex hired recent college graduates and early career professionals with one to three years of experience and worked with the client to create a customized training program. Five contract-hire consultants started training with Apex Talent University (ATU). We worked directly with the client to customize the training program for each consultant. The consultants worked through the two to three weeks of initial training before starting work with the client. There are four different roles and curriculums that these consultants are working through; QA Analyst (Salesforce), Marketing Data Analyst, Digital Data Analyst and BI Analyst. All resources completed Salesforce fundamental training and some niche training like AEM. This training allowed the consultants to learn these tools and familiarize themselves before they jumped into a large organization with no prior knowledge. If any individuals needed further training, we could fall back on the training program. Over the six-month contract period, Apex is working closely with the client to continue to train the resources so, at six months, they are comfortable converting them to client employees. 


The client's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer indicated this is currently his favorite project and plans to expand it to over 20 consultants by the end of the year. He is referring us to other executive stakeholders within the company. Our team members are progressing as anticipated and succeeding within the client’s organization, with the expectation of being hired by the client.