A computer manufacturer leverages our Data and Analytics capabilities to enable predictive support for their devices.  


Our client wanted to develop an automated, proactive, and predictive support solution for PCs and tablets. Their existing environment did not allow them to proactively update or replace equipment, leading to costly repairs, unexpected downtime, and other detrimental impacts to customer operations. They also wanted to evaluate the health of servers, storage and networking devices to eliminate downtime before it even starts. This challenge was magnified because of the variety of devices and operating systems (i.e. Chrome OS, Windows, etc.) for support services, so the solution needed to be flexible enough to work with multiple platforms.  


Our team created a solution that collects and streams diagnostic and log data from different covered devices, application, and equipment. Data was then stored in a massive big data platform built on Cloudera, running predictive analytics to anticipate failures. An interdisciplinary project team comprised of consultants with backgrounds in data science, data engineering, search, and full stack development worked together to build the data platform necessary to support these complex requirements.  

50% fewer steps in support cycle 


Our team successfully delivered the product and is now tasked with maintaining it and adding on support for new operating systems and applications as required. Our clients’ customers have seen a huge benefit in the support process with fewer steps, quicker resolution and full automation to issues as they occur, as well as proactively identifying potential problems. 


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