A leading healthcare provider augments their mobile development expertise to transition to a new native platform.


Our client, a leading healthcare provider, was shifting to an IOS and Android native development platform for their mobile applications. They lacked the required technical expertise on staff and were seeking a strategic partner to provide the technical resources and skills to deliver the transition. Apex was chosen as a partner because of our demonstrated ability to quickly provide mobile engineering talent in the local market with minimal oversight required by the client. 

Quick-Start Scrum team enabled the new platform to launch within a year


We provided a Quick-Start Scrum team to augment our client’s existing mobile team and help them restructure their mobile application platforms. The team included a Scrum Master, business analyst, IOS and Android developers, and automation testers. In addition to identifying the talent required, we handled the team’s onboarding and orientation processes internally. Our team provided ongoing workforce management and touchpoints throughout the engagement, along with monthly progress reporting cadences with key client stakeholders. 


As a result of our solution, our client’s mobile team successfully transitioned their mobile applications to their new native development platform within a year. Our Quick-Start Scrum team adequately completed their portion of the work, supporting native development and working alongside client teams toward completing the project’s common goals. The client’s new native development platform was delivered on time and within budget.