A multinational financial services firm engaged Apex to modernize their operational model and enhance their enterprise. 


Our client wanted to adopt and evolve the enterprise Spotify Model.  Their goal was to evolve the model into something which would work for their organization and be an example model for the rest of the enterprise. In order to meet this goal, our client engaged our team to design and deliver a modern organizational and operational model which could scale globally.​


Working closely with the client’s executive management, we established weekly interactive executive coaching meetings and monthly design summits to reimagine their entire enterprise. Then, we developed an enterprise transformation framework to mobilize the modern organizational and operational model. We established Tribe, Squad and Coaching role activities.  A coaching plan was rolled out to train all Scrum Masters and Scrum Master, Product Owner and Executive Summits were conducted across the globe. ​

Developed Modern Operations Model


The major achievements for this engagement included a coaching and training plan for all squads, tribes and chapters, a modern Production Support Model, a Mindshift Leadership Training, upskilling Scrum Masters/Coaching Pods, Scrum Master/Tribe Engineer Summits, enterprise-scale change management and communication programs and Portfolio Management best practices and reporting. ​

The Tribe and Squad Roadmaps have been adopted across our client's enterprise based on their practical approach. We established Squad Lead Training, Centers of Excellence and a Community of Practice to help our client sustain their success. ​


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