A home loan company utilizes Apex's staffing services to build a team of full stack developers that would help execute their ongoing digital transformation efforts.


Our client, a major home loan company, was seeking a strategic technical partner to help them execute their ongoing digital transformation. They needed to identify the niche resources required to build innovative teams of skilled full stack developers within six months. Because of a strong established relationship and history placing 100+ qualified developers with this client, we were chosen as their exclusive partner to help cultivate the new digital teams. 


To meet our client’s hiring needs on their tight timeline, we proposed a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution. We assumed full project management responsibilities, including job description development, proactive pipeline development, and a scalable dedicated delivery team. All candidate sourcing, screening, and onboarding was handled internally with minimal involvement required by our client. Additionally, we partnered with the client to establish mutually agreed-upon metrics to ensure satisfactory delivery. Our KPI’s included:

  • Time to submit and time to offer metrics to ensure productivity and efficiency throughout the recruit
  • Submittal to hire, interview to hire, and submittal to hire ratios to drive quality of consultants
  • Attrition and candidate diversity tracking to contribute to our client’s internal hiring goals
  • Weekly status updates and quarterly business reviews to deliver customer satisfaction throughout the engagement

I was thoroughly impressed by Apex’s ability to manage the volume and bring in candidates that had tremendous market and industry capabilities that we required. 


As a result of our RPO solution, we provided 17 skilled full stack developers to help our client build their new digital teams. Our dedicated team ensured consultants were screened thoroughly for technical competence, resulting in a 94% submittal to interview rate and identifying all required developers within six months. We exceeded our hiring goal by more than 140%, hiring five more developers than initially requested by our client and successfully augmenting their digital transformation efforts.