A leading financial services provider diversifies their workforce and cuts costs with our Talent Management Services solution. 


Our client was seeking a strategic partner to help diversify their talent pool across multiple disciplines. They were looking for innovative early and mid-level career resources with fresh ideas who could be coached into the client’s Agile culture. They had an existing Early Career hiring program internally, but it lacked the ability to customize recruiting processes, was a significant investment and time intensive. To address these challenges, the client was looking for an alternative option for meeting their diversification goals along with the added ability to convert resources to full-time employees. We were chosen as a partner because of our Talent Management Services (TMS) solution offering, and proven ability to deliver best-fit early talent resources. 


To meet our client’s need for early talent, we provided recruiting and onboarding services for a diversified pool of young professionals, targeting university and technical school networks to identify the best-fit resources. Once consultants were identified, we partnered with the client to create a customized onboarding training curriculum for each resource. Consultants received tailored training for the niche technical initiatives they would support throughout the program, in addition to core curriculum course in professionalism, remote work, customer service, and Agile 101. Further, we provided ongoing engagement management throughout the initiative including resource demand planning, retention strategies, and team building activities.

"These resources are the next generation of workers – which is great because they bring liveliness and newness to the work… this has been a long time coming."

-EVP, Infrastructure


Our team was successful in helping the client meet their diversification goals, bringing in fresh talent with innovative ideas. The targeted individual training we provided consultants relieved the client of significant administrative work, in addition to proactively preparing the new employees for forecasted work. Overall, our recruiting delivery teams screened resources in two markets to identify and hire the top 29 early talent resources for our client’s team. The new hires were deployed in multiple lines of business across the organization’s infrastructure, allowing the client to reallocate resources that had been working on their internal Early Career hiring program. Additionally, the client realized an immediate 20% resource budget savings by utilizing a young talent pool.