A global med device company uses Apex’s expertise to hire multiple engineers over a two-year period.  


A global medical device company based out of Minneapolis needed a staffing partner to recruit and hire multiple development engineers. These engineers were responsible for manufacturing the equipment that makes pace makers and after production of the pace makers the equipment needed to be repurposed.  Our client broke the project in a two-year plan:​ 

  • Year One: Complete design verification and regularity submission before the pace maker could be produced  ​ 
  • Year Two: Transfer over the equipment to begin production of repurposed equipment ​ 

Reduced Client’s Hiring Time​ While Project Was Completed On Time And Successfully


The Minneapolis recruiting team had over five years of experience supporting our client’s engineering roles and was well versed in the soft skills that our client needed to quickly source engineers. Apex utilized our candidate pipeline of manufacturing and industrial engineers to quickly find candidates. Once sourced, Apex assisted our client with onboarding the engineers by interviewing candidates which reduced the amount of time client managers had to spend on the hiring process. ​ 


The project was completed on time and the client was pleased with the quality of Apex’s resources. As proof of our client’s satisfaction and during the course of the project the client selected one of the engineers to lead a separate project. Apex converted the contractor and was able to backfill the engineer’s role with another contractor with the same skills and at same rate in just two days.​