A large laboratory testing company upgrades its Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) using an Agile methodology.


Our client was looking for assistance with the prototype development of a Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) product to upgrade their 25-year-old Cobol system. In addition to the current pods of client team members supporting LIMS development activities, they required additional support to increase velocity in the development of their LIMS prototype.

Increased Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) Development Velocity


Apex deployed a development pod consisting of a team lead, two Java developers, and two UI developers to support the development of the LIMS product. Our consulting practice provided our consultants with training and upskilling on our client’s platforms and best practices. The pod engaged in a “pre-sprint” where they worked with the client scrum master and product owner to define priorities for development for each sprint, plan sprints, and acclimate to the client’s environment. At the start of standard Agile sprints, they participated in Agile processes alongside client employees. The team performed an enterprise-wide upgrade to the client’s microservices architecture. The upgrade was also cloud-capable. The Apex engagement team maintained a sprint checklist to allow client managers to focus on project-critical items.


Apex addressed a capacity gap within the client’s full-time team which allowed for the development of the new LIMS. Our practice consultants were able to complete daily responsibilities allowing the client team to focus on project-critical tasks. We were able to address their lack of capacity and ramp up a skilled team in a timely fashion. This helped to keep the project moving forward and we were able to provide training aligned with the client’s standards and practices.