A regional financial services company overcomes a talent shortage by employing the Apex Talent University (ATU) to upskill mid-level resources, realizing significant cost savings.


A large regional financial institution created a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Center of Excellence (CoE) and selected Blue Prism as their core technology.  The CoE is responsible for driving the overall strategy of business process automation for the enterprise.  Our client quickly realized the high cost and scarcity of skilled Blue Prism resources which constrained the success of the CoE.

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Apex partnered with this client to create a tailored solution to overcome the lack of Blue Prism talent the client was encountering. Our solution was to source mid-level developers, business process analysts (BPA) and quality assurance (QA) professionals and use our Apex Talent University (ATU) to upskill these resources as well as offer training to the client’s existing IT personnel in order to upskill those resources. The ATU created Blue Prism training that quickly taught and measured the needed skills. The solution included:

  • Training provided at no cost to the client or consultant
  • Live support available throughout training 24/7
  • Performance management throughout training and the life of the engagement
  • Blue Prism training extended to clients’ full time employees
  • Client partner allowed the right to hire consultants as full time employees after agreed upon timeframe


Apex successfully delivered a team of developers, BPAs and QA resources to staff the immediate need of the CoE. In addition, internal employees learned the required technical knowledge and were better able to support the RPA CoE. By leveraging our solution the client realized an average savings of 40% compared to hiring experienced Blue Prism resources. As a result of our performance, Apex was selected to build similar solutions for niche technology requirements with our client.