A real estate data analytics client seamlessly migrates their data to Google Cloud Platform using our cloud capabilities.  


Our client, a market leader in the real estate data solutions space, helps customers identify and manage growth portfolios. They were seeking a skilled technical partner to help move their data and analytics platform from one of the public cloud providers to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our client was looking for a partner who could help them improve compute run times, attain cost savings, and reduce the total cost of ownership while maintaining business continuity.  


Our team seamlessly migrated the client's data platform to GCP by using Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Dataproc, and utilizing many key data services such as Spark, Hive, Elasticsearch and Kafka. The team helped maintain our client's business continuity throughout the migration, collaboratively building a solution with security and extensibility from the ground up. Once the entirety of the data platform was in GCP, we rapidly migrated workloads to fully managed services leveraging management, orchestration and data services such as:  

  • Google Kubernetes Engine  
  • BigQuery  
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub  
  • Google Cloud Dataflow  

Achieved 30-40% reduction in run times saving an estimated $3 million


Our team’s solution was able to reduce the overall run time of daily data pipelines by 30-40% resulting in an estimated $3 million in cost savings. As a result of our solution, the client's data is more readily available in a self-service manner to various business units. Observability of the systems was built in from the start, and the client was able to proactively remediate system performance issues before they resulted in downtime. Additionally, our client saw an increase in developer productivity due to improved DevOps turnaround time. 


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