A Fortune 500 consumer industrial company utilizes our Support Centers capabilities to develop a new in-house security service center and improve efficiencies.   


Our client is a consumer industrial business specializing in the mining, extraction, and refinement of raw materials. A decade ago, the client offshored identity management and security support service desks. Through internal client surveys and service level agreement metric tracking, the client determined that having both groups back at their local office was the best course of action for their business.  


Our client engaged our consulting services team to provide level one and two support for a security and user administration service center. The objectives of the program included identifying service efficiencies, cost savings, improving process flexibility, and increasing capacity for normal operations during the acquisition period. Our approach was to implement a robust workforce management program, allowing for rapid deployment of resources. We also developed a client-focused approach to support the clients’ customized program requirements. Our customized approach included retention strategies, attendance management, personnel issue management, and technical training.  

Closed Backlog of 800+ Tickets within First Month 


The onsite team worked to close all the inherited tickets (approx. 800) within the first month of support while keeping up with the incoming ticket volume. Although ticket volume increased by 75% during the support period and a foreign acquisition was integrated into the client, our team kept service levels steady with improvement to “Medium” and “High” criticality items. We continue to support this customer today with continuous improvement levels of operational security efficiencies.