A multinational consumer goods conglomerate realizes $3 million in cost savings after implementing a hybrid cloud integration platform.


In order to support a hybrid cloud environment consisting of on-premises and cloud, our client needed a scalable data pipeline solution that would allow its cloud and on-premises teams to seamlessly and securely exchange data. As an additional benefit, this would also allow for increased collaboration as the teams have been traditionally siloed.


Apex developed a data pipeline solution consisting of data consumers and producers to read from and write to an AWS MSK cluster. The Apex team has gained expertise in both sides of this development and serves as the central hub team in support of implementing data pipelines between on-premises and AWS. Our solutions consisted of: 

Reduced run times by 40-50% resulting in around $3 million in cost savings

  • On-premises data producer
  • Integration into client’s monolith legacy platform
  • Java development to add a Change Data Capture feature to detect and send database changes to the cloud
  • Released as part of client’s standard quarterly cycle
  • Utilizing client’s cloud CI/CD tools to deploy into AWS
  • Serverless Python development to create consumers. Implemented as lambda functions, these consumers read uploaded data, transform as appropriate, and send to target endpoints
  • Java development to create an API to communicate between consumers.


Our team’s solution was able to scale data exchange between on-premises and cloud workloads in a secure and repeatable fashion improving response time up to 50%. Client teams are now able to collaborate in a cloud environment and data flows freely between systems.